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Organic Dates

Pitted wholesale Dates
Pitted wholesale Dates
Pitted Dates

Sahara UK Foods’ pitted dates are nature’s sweet jewels, meticulously prepared to offer the purest form of this delectable fruit. Our pitted dates, available in both conventional and organic categories, are perfect for snacking, baking, or enhancing your favorite dishes with their natural sweetness.

Bulk Chopped Dates
Chopped Dates

Our finely chopped macerated dates bring the concentrated natural sweetness of dates to your kitchen. Ideal for energy bars, granola mixes, or desserts, these finely cut morsels, offered in both conventional and organic versions, are a must-have ingredient for those looking to add a burst of energy and flavor to their culinary creations.

Bulk Date Paste
Date Paste

Indulge in the luscious richness of Sahara UK Foods’ date paste, a versatile natural sweetener that elevates your recipes to a healthier level. Whether you’re creating delectable desserts, blending smoothies, or crafting savory dishes, our date paste, offered in both conventional and organic options, brings a perfect balance of sweetness and nutrition.

Wholsale Bulk Date Syrup
Date Syrup

Pure, golden, and packed with flavor, Sahara UK Foods’ date syrup is the epitome of natural sweetness. Elevate your culinary creations with this exquisite alternative to refined sugar. Drizzle it on pancakes, add it to your yogurt, or use it in glazes and dressings to enhance your dishes. Available in both conventional and organic varieties.

Bulk Date Powder
Date Powder

Experience the wholesome sweetness of Sahara UK Foods’ date powder. A nutritious substitute for traditional powder, our date powder, found in both conventional and organic selections, is the choice of health-conscious bakers and chefs. Incorporate it into your cooking and baking to savor a delightful sweetness with added nutritional benefits.

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