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wholesale organic lentils

Sahara UK Foods’ lentils are a nutrient-rich addition to your meals. Whether in soups, salads, or stews, these legumes offer endless possibilities for creating satisfying dishes.

Wholesale organic chickpeas

Discover the versatile and nutrient-rich goodness of Sahara UK Foods’ chickpeas. Whether roasted for a crispy snack, blended into hummus, or added to hearty dishes, they offer a satisfying option.


Sahara UK Foods’ beans bring a world of flavor and nutrition to your kitchen. From classic black beans to exotic varieties, our collection offers endless possibilities for savory dishes.


Enjoy the classic and timeless snack of popcorn, made even better with Sahara UK Foods’ quality. Whether for movie nights or a light munch, our popcorn offers pure, crunchy satisfaction.

Wholesale Organic Green Split Peas
Green Split Peas

Sahara UK Foods’ green split peas are a kitchen essential for soups, stews, and more. Packed with plant-based protein and essential nutrients, they enhance your culinary creations.

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