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Sesame seeds, with their nutty flavor and delicate crunch, are a kitchen staple. Whether sprinkled on stir-fries, baked into bread, or blended into creamy tahini, their versatility shines. But, have you ever wondered how long sesame seeds stay fresh? As a UK-based bulk wholesale nuts supplier, we know a thing or two about maintaining the quality of our ingredients. This guide will reveal everything you need to know about sesame seed storage and maximizing their shelf life.

Types of Sesame Seeds: Does Shelf Life Vary?

While there may be slight variations in their inherent oil content, the general principles of storage and shelf life largely apply to all these varieties.

Shelf Life of Sesame Seeds

How to Store Sesame Seeds for Optimal Freshness

Signs Your Sesame Seeds Have Gone Bad

Tips From Your Wholesale Nuts Supplier

Delicious Ways to Use Sesame Seeds


By following these simple storage guidelines and enjoying your sesame seeds regularly, you’ll ensure they deliver maximum freshness and flavor. As your trusted UK bulk wholesale nuts supplier, we’re committed to helping you make the most of our high-quality ingredients!

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