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Have you ever seen flour so vibrantly purple? Purple corn flour, a fascinating ingredient steadily gaining popularity, offers more than just its striking color. Derived from a special heirloom variety of Peruvian corn, this naturally gluten-free flour delivers a mild, sweet flavor and packs a nutritional punch. Let’s explore the exciting ways you can incorporate this superfood into your cooking and baking adventures.

What Exactly is Purple Corn Flour?

Purple corn flour is made by grinding dried kernels of a special type of corn native to Peru. What sets this corn apart is its high level of anthocyanins – powerful antioxidants responsible for its deep purple hue. These same antioxidants offer a range of potential health benefits which is why purple corn is considered a superfood.

Flavor and Uses of Purple Corn Flour

Purple corn flour lends a subtly sweet and slightly nutty flavor to dishes. Here’s how you can use this versatile ingredient:

Health Benefits of Purple Corn Flour

Beyond its culinary uses, purple corn flour boasts impressive nutritional value:

Tips for Cooking and Baking with Purple Corn Flour

Where to Buy Purple Corn Flour

You can find purple corn flour in specialty health food stores, online retailers, or international grocery stores specializing in Peruvian ingredients.

Recipe Idea: Purple Corn Pancakes

These vibrant pancakes make a healthy and exciting breakfast!


Looking for Other Superfood Ingredients?

If you enjoy the nutritional boost from purple corn flour, then adding purple corn flour to your pantry is a great choice. Find the finest schisandra powder options at Sahara UK Foods:

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