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Move over, yellow corn! Purple corn flour is the vibrant and exciting new ingredient taking the culinary world by storm. This naturally rich-hued flour offers a unique flavor profile, a hint of sweetness, and a wealth of health benefits. As a UK bulk wholesale nuts supplier, you’re in a fantastic position to offer this intriguing ingredient and inspire your customers. Let’s delve into the world of purple corn flour and discover its many uses.

What is Purple Corn Flour?

Purple corn flour is made from finely ground dried kernels of purple corn, a variety originating in the Andes Mountains of South America. Its stunning color comes from high levels of anthocyanins, powerful antioxidants with significant health properties. Don’t worry; the vibrancy mellows when cooked, leaving a subtle yet beautiful tint.

How Does Purple Corn Flour Taste?

Purple corn flour has a subtly sweet and nutty taste with hints of berries. It’s slightly less sweet than traditional yellow corn flour, making it a versatile ingredient for sweet and savory applications.

Health Benefits of Purple Corn Flour

How to Use Purple Corn Flour: Creative & Delicious Ideas

Purple corn flour is incredibly versatile! Get ready to have some fun and let your customers know about these uses:

Recipes to Inspire You

  1. Purple Corn Pancakes: Transform your breakfast with these subtly sweet and fluffy pancakes featuring a vibrant purple hue.
  2. Purple Cornbread with Honey Butter: A simple and satisfying side dish with a stunning visual appeal.
  3. Black Bean and Purple Corn Tacos: Elevate your taco nights with these colorful and flavorful tortillas filled with a healthy mix of beans and vegetables.
  4. Purple Corn Polenta: Create a creamy and flavorful side dish or base for delicious toppings.

Tips for Cooking with Purple Corn Flour


Purple corn flour is a delicious, exciting, and nutritious addition to any kitchen pantry. As a UK bulk wholesale nuts supplier, offering this unique ingredient provides your customers with endless opportunities for culinary creativity. Inspire them with recipes, showcase its beautiful color, and let them unleash their kitchen adventures with this versatile flour!

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